Lorelei Lee Returns to Abase Jock Fuckboy

While Alexander Gustavo was pumping weights at the gym and flexing in the mirror, Lorelei Lee had been planning her revenge. And, today is the day. This hottie takes him down using a gymrat and’s WORST nightmare: sweets and smarts.Out of the squat rack and into the dungeon! Alexander is made to recite the encyclopedia aloud while Lorelei beats cupcake into his skin with a cavalcade of cold-blooded devices. After tying his lousy rod in chastity, she then makes him suck the frosting from between her sweaty, stocking feet. Then the pathetic sap gets to sniff, but not touch, her glorious slit as this woman cums in his face. In return Lorelei spanks and copulates his manicured butt, diving into every inch of him for her own enjoyment.

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