Many Dudes

Watch full-lenght video in HDV quality!Michi was lost on her first day of work just trying to get home to her family. She kept becoming more and more lost until this woman discovered a co-worker of hers tied and gagged in one of the boiler rooms. Righteous Michi went to untie her, until a mysterious chap came. This hottie frantically asked for his help, but it was this guy who was the monster. Michi had tried to rescue her friend, but she was now under his control. This guy took her somewhere deep within the building, where no one would hear her screams. More mates came to get off the violation, and the sick perverts wasted no time in violating innocent Michi. This sweetheart was bound and gagged, and now theirs to control. They covered her in candle wax, every soft inch of her. The madness continued, until every fellow had taken anything from her they wanted.

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